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Chore Chart Cards For Kids

Most kiddos I know are not thrilled at the idea of doing "chores" around the house. My children were getting to the age where they were able to help out more with household duties. I signed up for a course through the group, Positive Parenting Solutions, a while back in which they referred to "chores" as contributions with the idea that kiddos contribute to helping around the house WITHOUT pay because we as the parents do the same and that it helps to build a sense of belonging for the child within the family. I loved the idea and wanted to implement it in our home ASAP!!

chore charts for kids

When trying to find a way to get this going, I came across many chore chart templates, point systems, sticker charts, chore charts with pictures and some without, etc. I was looking for something that was versatile enough that it wouldn't get old and that the novelty of it all would not wear off after a few weeks. I also did not want anything that had any "reward" tied to it. I wanted them to contribute to our household needs because we are a family and we ALL pull our weight to get the jobs done, together. I also needed something movable so they could take part in owning what they were going to contribute.

So I grabbed some card stock and markers and made little DIY chore cards with age appropriate tasks on them and a hand drawn picture (get the mail, feed the dog, empty the dishwasher, wash clothes, yada, yada, yada). Then came the fun part! I laid them out on the floor so they can see all of the options. This idea came to me because my husband is in a Fantasy Football league and they get all kinds of hyped over their "picks" so I figured I would give it a whirl and the kids loved it!! Once they are all laid out, a coin is tossed to see who goes first. They "easiest/best" contribution always goes first. They get super pumped and we go down the line alternating picks and me being the hype man for each card LOL. Once they pick their card, I tape it up on the pantry door (or any central, busy location) under a tag with their name.

chore cards for kids

I mark the cards with a sticky tab that will need to be done daily. The others will get done sometime throughout the week or weekend when we have time. The three cards above their names are the ones they are both responsible for everyday. From there, the cards stay put for one month. Then, they are pulled down and the process is repeated resulting in a different combination of contributions each month. We have been doing it this way for about a year now. The DIY chore chart cards got pretty banged up and I wanted to freshen them up, so I figured this time I would make them on my computer to up the cuteness factor. You can find these cards by clicking on the image below.

chore contribution cards

I printed them on card stock and laminated them not too long ago. They are holding up perfectly (our pantry gets a lot of use from little hands LOL) and my kiddos love the adorable images and my older one is able to read so they are differentiated and can be used by different age sibling groups at the same time.

We have had way less issues with our kiddos helping around the house since implementing these cards and system. I mean, they are still kiddos who want to play all day...but at least they are carrying a bit more of the load now!! The thing that I love is that they start to get good at doing certain contributions and they get a great sense of belonging to the family knowing that they are helping and that we are all working as a team. I mean come on, does it get any better than bonding with your kiddo over emptying the dishwasher together?? I think not! LOL! Download here today and you will be all set for getting your kiddos in the mix helping around the house too...and liking it!

Growing my gifts according to His grace.

~Danielle Mae

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