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How to Remedy Your Communication Crux

I know I can not be the only one out there with 1,000 things on my calendar and shuffling kids here and there and expecting hubby to fill in and take over when I have an event that is kid-free to attend. Well, this particular time I was away on a work retreat (yes, I teach and my awesome boss takes us on an end of the year kid-free weekend get away #blessed). Well while I was away our son was to attend a birthday party. I RSVPed that he would come and kiddo was excited. So off we went to the store to buy a gift. When we got home I wrapped it in cute paper and finished it off with my signature big tulle bow and bag of candy (easiest way to fluff up and gift and make any kiddo instantly excited #winning). The day of the party I was in glorious adult land and decided to call and check in with the family and say good morning. After the sweet "good mornings" and catching up, I asked what they were up to. This is where we entered the scene of the crime. They were on their way to their grandparents, who live a town away, and not getting ready to go to the said birthday party that had already been prepped and ready to attend. Needless to say, I was feeling upset and disappointed that once again our lines got crossed ("rines" for any of you fellow Seinfeld junkies LOL). I had already RSVPed that our son would attend and was feeling horrible that he would not show up, so around they turned and headed back to our hometown. People not RSVPing at all or doing it and not showing is another post for another day so I am pretty adamant about attending something if we said we would. Missing events or not knowing what is going on in each others days and over booking stuff had left us feeling upset with each other hence the COMMUNICATION CRUX :( Our son attended the party and ended up being the only kiddo they invited that came. It made my heart smile that he could be there for his friend and that he could rely on him to be there. That was all good and well, but that still left my hubby and I with this dang COMMUNICATION CRUX that needed to be fixed or we would be in this same sticky situation again. So we came up with a plan. Well, my husband actually thought of it because he is the tech head in our house and sticky notes would never make it in his world. From that point forward, any important event whether it was for the family or one of us alone that the other needed to watch the kiddos for would be entered into our phone calendar.

We both have Samsung phones so they communicate great with each other. Once I have an event, I enter it onto my personal phone calendar then "SHARE" it with him. He receives a message via text and he can sync that event to his calendar. All of the notes and alarms are in place and now he has that event on his calendar with reminders when he goes to add anything that he needs to add. This sharing back and forth of events through our phones has helped our COMMUNICATION go from CRUX to POLISHED. Now not an event is missed, we are on the same page regarding management of our time, and my girls nights never not have a daddy on duty :) What are some ways you and your hubby fix the COMMUNICATION CRUX? Comment below with your great methods :)

PS: We use this method as well with family for sharing events for the kiddos like recitals, programs, baseball games, etc. and it is going great!!!

Above all else, love each other deeply. 1 Peter 4:8


Growing my gifts according to His grace.

~With love, Danielle Mae

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