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5 Boredom Busters to Slay Spring Break Like a Pro

kids on spring break

Spring Break can be a stressful time for parents. The kids are back at home all day, working from home may be a factor, a week long trip is out of the cards, and the inevitable "I'm bored!" rears is ugly head on day one. It can be frustrating trying to make sure the kids are happy while not losing your mind in the process. I like to keep things simple. I am not one for making more work for myself, so each of these ideas were intentionally chosen to create a space this Spring Break where there is fun for everyone and imaginations can run wild with little to no prep. Check out these five ways that you can prepare for Spring Break this year and feel like everyone had a good time!

1. Get Outside

child care

Being outdoors can reduce stress and improve your mood. There are so many different ways you can kick Spring Break boredom by getting outside and getting some Vitamin D. Here are a few of my family's favorites:

  • go for a hike - try out a new trail in your local area to peek your kid's interests and sense of adventure

  • set up a lawn chair and play in the driveway with chalk

  • get grounded - take your shoes off and walk through the grass at a local park

  • prep your garden

  • visit your local greenspace or park

2. Mind, Body, & Soul Time

playing games with your children

Use this down time during Spring Break to connect with your kiddo. MBS Time is a favorite in our house. This is time that is spent one-on-one with your child doing something of their choosing for 10-20 minutes. I have pretended to be a bad guy, played video games, read a book, & helped look for lizards. The activities are so different each time! Spending this time with your kiddo on a regular basis feeds their need for attention and helps them to transition into doing an activity solo afterwards and being happy about it.

3. Take a Day Trip

day trip with your children

One way to avoid Spring Break boredom is to take an easy day trip. We try to keep the distance within a 3 hour drive. We live in Texas, so to go anywhere is a trek. You may be able to get somewhere is less time! Travel Tip: Be flexible and let the kids guide the day. You may not see or do what you want to, but less push back from the littles is always a win in my book.

Spring Break day trip ideas include:

  • local water resources (rivers, lakes, beach)

  • be a tourist in the next town away

  • factory tours (we love the BlueBell Ice cream tour)

  • visit a different zoo in a neighboring town

  • state parks

  • cities with historical districts

  • local festivals

  • tour a local farm

  • tour a nearby university (even better if you are an alumni)

4. Get In the Kitchen

parenting activities

Kids want to be just like us, but it is just easier sometimes to be the head chef of the house on most days than letting them explore the kitchen. To get rid of some of that Spring Break boredom, let them in the kitchen. Food can be like a medium in art. Type As, don't get scared, LOL. Let them explore different spices, smash some cherry tomatoes to see the seeds, & use real kitchen utensils (with supervision). One of our favorite things to do in the kitchen is to have a competition. We use whatever we have on hand, set out the ingredients that everyone has access to use, and let them go to town. Does it turn into a glob of inedible food art? Yes. Do they love how they can use food to explore and express themselves? Also, yes. There is really no way you can do this wrong. Parent Tip: Have fun & don't control their process.

5. Let Them Be Bored

Kids need to be bored. That is how creativity is born. I am a big believer that we are not the maker of our children's fun. It is not our job to entertain them all hours of the day. The times that my kid's have had nothing to do, is usually when they come up with something brilliant. It can be hard at the beginning if they are upset about how boooorrrrrrrreeeedd they are, but trust it. They WILL find something to do! Sometimes when they are struggling to find a direction to go in, I may set out some open ended materials like painters tape (the best ever!!!), chalk, or blocks. I love setting things out that don't necessarily "go together" like Barbies and Legos. Next thing you know, there is a Lego hospital for a Barbie with a twisted ankle, LOL. I just love how their minds work, but if we are always the ones creating the fun, they will never know how to entertain themselves.

spring break boredom busters

Regardless of what you do this Spring Break to help the days run smoothly, take the time to jot out a rough idea of what you would like to do each day. Keep it simple. Enjoy this time with them and have fun. Click here for access to a FREE Easter resource that you can use to start prepping for Easter week.


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