About Us

Learning Their Way is a private Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten school. We serve children from age three through Kindergarten. Our Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 programs have the option of attending two or four days a week. Our Kindergarten program is four days a week. We are open Monday-Thursday and follow the NBISD school calendar for holidays and bad weather closures. 

Learning Their Way is licensed through the state of Texas and is under the child care umbrella. We are evaluated for compliance with the Minimum Standards, rules, and law during regular inspections. We have been in operation since 2007 under our previous owner, Inga Ward. She retired in January 2021 and we now have a new owner, Danielle Budnik. Ms. Danielle is a Texas certified teacher with sixteen years of teaching experience. Six of those years have been at Learning Their Way teaching Kindergarten and as Director.


What makes us different? Our school is very small with only four classrooms and very small teacher to student ratios. The intimate nature of our school allows for the formation of close school family bonds year after year. Our valuable teaching staff includes several Texas certified teachers and with all teacher's having 70 plus years of combined teaching experience. 


We are a Christian based private school. Our Pre-K3 & Pre-K4 program offers a full curriculum covering math, reading readiness, math, science, social/emotional skills, art, Bible knowledge and application, and fine/gross motor skills. Click on the program names above to read the guidelines we follow at Learning Their Way for our early childhood education classrooms. Our Kindergarten​ program follows the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills through TEA and is a full comprehensive class incorporating all core subjects and Bible knowledge and application skills.  

Upcoming Events:
Parent Orientation - 6/24

Parent Handbook review and opportunity to ask questions!

Parent's Frequently Asked Questions 

Is your program licensed?                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Yes, we are licensed through Texas Health & Human Services Commission. Our license number is 1715684.

What are your hours/days of operation?

We are open Monday - Thursday from 8:15am-2:30pm during the months of September through May.  Our summer program is open Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 9am-2pm during the months of June, July, and the first two weeks in August.

Are visits from parents allowed and encouraged anytime the child care program is open?

Yes, visits are normally allowed anytime. Due to COVID restrictions, parents are not allowed in the building unless it is an emergency or for a conference before or after school.  

What is the cost of tuition?

Please see the pink button above with our tuition and fees.

What are your class ratios?

Pre-K3 - 8:1

Pre-K4 - 10:1 (younger 4s)

Pre-K4 - 16:2 (older 4s)

Kinder - 12:1


Do all adults in the program receive ongoing training in working with children and child development?

Yes, all teachers are required to take 24 continuing education hours each school year. 

Is there a planned schedule for each day?

Yes, each classroom is required to have lesson plans that encourage learning and includes active and quiet play, group and individual learning activities, rest time and meal times.

Do you have a written discipline policy that explains how behavioral concerns are handled?

All parents sign a copy of our policy for Discipline and Guidance before their child starts school at Learning Their Way. Discipline is individualized for each child, appropriate to their level of understanding, and is directed to toward teaching the desired skill to be successful in the classroom. Only positive methods are used and no harsh, cruel, or unusual treatment is tolerated. 

Have all adults working in the program had state and national background checks, including fingerprinting?


Have the adults in the program been trained on how to prevent child abuse and how to recognize and report the signs of abuse?

Yes, this training is completed each new school year. 

Is there someone present at all times who has been trained in pediatric first aid and CPR?

Yes, all teachers are certified in first aid and CPR. 

Does the program conduct regular fire drills?

Yes, we conduct fire drills monthly and teach about fire safety and prevention. 

Do you have extended care?

Our extended care is from 8:15-8:45 and 2:00-2:30. Please check our fee schedule above for pricing. 

What curriculum do you follow?

We follow the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines that are aligned with the Kindergarten Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), sequenced to follow child development and give teaching strategies for each of the guidelines. The Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines offer educators the information and support to prepare all children for success in Kindergarten.  Teachers are not given a set curriculum and are allowed professional liberties on how/when they teach these standards throughout the school year. 

How often will my child go outside?

Each Pre-K class has a morning and afternoon outside recess time for 30 minutes each. The Kindergarten class goes outside three times each day for 15 minutes each. 

What is a typical snack?

We provide a morning snack that consists of one grain item, one fresh fruit or veggie, water, and rotating juice or milk. 

What payment methods do you accept?

Starting in Summer 2021 going forward, we will accept ACH bank transfers or credit/debit cards. 

What will my child's day look like?

Click here for a look at our class schedules. 

What are the school holidays?

We follow the NBISD school calendar in regards to major holidays and inclement weather closures. 

My child is ahead academically. Can they skip to the next class?

No, but we are happy to meet them where they are make accommodations to our lessons.


Do you go on field trips?

Yes, we take a Fall and a Spring field trip. Parents are required to attend and provide transportation to and from the field trip.  

How do you communicate with parents?

We use the Class Dojo app to send private messages to parents, as well as, to post pictures from your child's day, reminders, and important information to their "Class Story". We also send a weekly newsletter via email and have a parent information board outside the school.  Students will also come home with a weekly (Pre-K3)/monthly behavior calendar to communicate positive classroom behavior and behaviors that need to be worked on. 

Do I need a nap mat?

Yes, each Pre-K student will need a WIPEABLE nap mat for resting time. You may provide a fitted crib sheet to cover it and a thin blanket. We can not accommodate large, bulky nap mats/bedding due to lack of storage space. Kindergarten students do not have a rest time. 

Do you provide lunch?

No, parents are responsible for meeting their child's nutritional needs at lunchtime. 

Is this school like a daycare?

No. We are a private Pre-K and Kindergarten school. We cover a multitude of social, emotional, and educational concepts each day. We are committed to providing the best early childhood education we can.